3300730-star_wars_stormtroopers_fantasy_art_artwork_bwing_down_1360x1360_wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_15_2.jpgThe Battle of Yavin had resulted in the destruction of the Empire’s orbital battle station and super weapon. The Galactic Empire’s reign through fear and intimidation has been dealt a crippling blow by a decisive, yet costly victory for the Rebel Alliance. The Cold War between the Alliance and the Empire has broken out into a Civil War. Alliance forces are spreading across the Galaxy as the Imperial forces hunt them relentlessly and seek to suppress dissent growing throughout the Galaxy.
However, who says there is nothing to be gained by War? It is possibly the oldest, most profitable, and the most vicious way to make your own destiny, for those who capitalize on the opportunity. War usually leads to a shortage of the most common commodities, especially during times of Civil War, and these goods and services instantly become extremely prized wares to many. Commodity Dealers can suddenly go from being nobody to becoming Military Contractors or Black Marketers overnight, willing or unwilling. Under the right set of circumstances, an individual can quickly build a small fortune and their own “Empire”.
The inhabitants and vagabonds alike, scattered throughout the Outer Rim, know this racket all too well. In the Outer Rim, you are either running to something or running from someone. If you are in want or need of getting someone or something to somewhere, you can find the person(s) willing to do such… for the right price.
Alliance or Imperial, Civilian or Military, Scholar to Smuggler, Citizen to Criminal, Politician to Hutt; it matters not the affiliation but how deep you are willing to reach into you pockets. Oh, and Republic Credits will do fine…Credit_Stick.jpg

Republic Credits Will Do Fine...

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