Republic Credits Will Do Fine...

I had my Head in the Clouds

Letters to Home 6

esbbest_08.jpgAh, Bespin, the floating city amongst the clouds. I must confess, Jalen, I have never seen a place that no matter where you are or what time of day it is, there is always beautiful sites to behold. Amongst the clouds you feel on top of the world, literally. I felt like a little girl dumbstruck in awe and wonder. It was so peaceful and serene. Sadly, this was far from a moment of rest and relaxation.
We circled around the city on our approach. It seems landing and docking space is at a premium. After a few trips around the circuit, we got clearance and landed. Thus started the bizarre circumstances of this meet and greet with the contact. We exited the ship to be met by a messenger that delivered note to Zan. I opted to wait in the wings and take care of incidental matters as the others went to the commercial district. That is where things got interesting.
Jack, Kas, Bruce, Deshaun, and Zan met with their elusive contact that had retainers that had to be abandoned. Essentially, my comrades led them on a merry little chase with the occasional exchange of stun shot. Thankfully, there was enough common sense between both parties in regards to the innocent bystanders in their wake. After a bit of evasion, my fellows ditched their pursuers and they scurried to their meet. Well, most of them. Bruce had the unfortunate bad luck to run directly into a member of the Wing Guard. He was detained, questioned, and released with a misdemeanor fine for his misfortune.
After their meet, I was enlightened to the matter and the particulars of the business at hand. Deshaun took to his role as a social distraction in pursuits of gaining access an affluent auction taking place on the upper level. It is strange that no matter where one travels the social castes and classes still hold to stereotypical premises of the more prosperous one is the higher their positioning and holds. Bespin is no different with the wealthy living closer to the top. Regardless, high society is in Deshaun’s routine. I find myself distancing myself from the immediate issue but knew someone would need to be the anchor and able to pull them out of fire if things run afoul. At least that was my intent as I am far the gallant hero, but I was not about to leave my associates out to dry. I cannot exactly fly the ship, after all.
I digress. Their employer, a Pantoran named Arend Shen, gave the others an in by offering them the front of being a sponsored participants in the Cloud City Grand Prix. He provided them a vehicle and they were pressed for time to the ship ready to race. Amongst our rather idiosyncratic band of fortune hunters, we had it covered. We also gained new companion; a Drall named Gerb. He’s a little peculiar; though it is not fair to me to judge as he is the first Drall I have come across and I plead ignorance to their ways and character. Gerb is nice enough though and a relative guru with computers and electronics.
Zan and R5 were set to fly the Cloud Speeder, but true to R5’s programming, he had to tweak the performance every which way he could as Bruce set about modifying and upgrading the mechanics. Gerb set to enhance the systems and avionics. Yes, I am learning the terminology. However, this race has some notoriety of mishaps and sabotage between the racers and we were inducted to it as the rest. A rogue individual managed to bypass the hangar doors and deliver a present of these small droids that I heard Gerb call “Buzz Droids”(?). I’d never heard of these things, but they are like insects that solely seek to cause havoc on a ship. That’s the thing; they only went after the ship. I guess there is a sense of fair play still between the racer as not to take the pilots out just cripple their chances.
Kas was rather rash and leaped out onto the rogue’s speeder. Intimidation aside, I dare say it was madness on her part but her reckless actions struck fear in him and he ran scarred, taking Kas with him but she wrench the speeder out of control and leapt to safety. I don’t know the particular but the thought alone imbues both concern and admiration for her. Anyways, the others managed to fend them off though they did manage to set repairs and refit plans a bit back but they managed to finish up with little time to spare and now, all that is left to anxiously await this elaborate race and yearn that fortune smiles.



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