Republic Credits Will Do Fine...

If I Never See this Planet again... It'll be too soon

Letters to Home 10

sandtrooper-tatooine-mos-eisley-jawa-high-definition_2.jpgIt’s one thing to avoid conflict; it’s another to be held sheepish and duped. Tatooine is a strange place in its own right and its denizens are even stranger. I do not where to begin explaining this, but I shall try nonetheless.
Rhan took Zan, Kas, R5, and Deshaun out to remote location while Bruce and I stayed with the ship. Honestly, there is not any one place that one can’t call “remote”. By Tatooine standards, this roughly translates to away from the view of others, namely the Imperials and criminal elements alike on planet. It is funny how so far on the opposite ends of the spectrum these to entities fall yet one feels the need to hide from both. R5 and Zan haggled over the terms of the deal and came to a new price of exchanging the two Z-95’s for the A-wing and credits. After some assessment of its soundness and airworthiness, Kas took the reins and flew to back to the hangar.
One of the 95’s was stripped down to parts and in the hold. Rhan came with a transport and trailer train as well as a pilot who took the fly-able one. In the midst of offloading the parted one, we had some uninvited guests. Zan and Bruce recognized one of them as a Hutt Enforcer with a group of hoodlums coming to collect on a debt. I know not what his business with the Hutt entailed, nor did I press the issue. Ignorance is bliss in this case. Though it looked as if the initial exchange was escalating to a gunfight, thankfully, this did not come to pass. Zan and the Enforcer bartered a deal to leave them be costing him 5K to avoid a fight. Rhan did not waste any time and opted to take his payload and expedite out of the hangar. I do not fault him for it was not his fight.
With a hypothetical peace established, the enforcer slyly eluded to a running bet between a couple of local Hutt’s named Jabba and Teemo. I could only guess Zan was intrigued to perhaps gain favor with one or diminish a debt owed to one or the other. I could only assume Jabba by the Enforcer’s inflection. In any case, it enticed Bruce and Zan enough to pursue.
The rumor was that a Twil’lek woman was working around several noted “high rolling” gamblers and she apparently “crashed the tables”, whatever that means. I can only assume she must have beaten the odds and won more than the casinos were willing to payout or aided the gamblers in the same fashion. Whatever the case she stirred the ire of the Hutts and each were seeking to “acquire” her. The mere mention of tracking a woman perked Deshaun’s curiosity, of course. So, Zan, Kas, and Deshaun set out to hunt her down. The trio bounced from back alley to cantina in search of this woman. After a merry little jaunt, they were able to catch sigh t of her. Deshaun, seeking to aid the “damsel in distress” approached her. Unbeknownst to my associates, they created an opening to allow the enforcer to have them do the dirty work and sough to steal the prize. That is when things went rather chaotic.
Blaster fire and brawling broke out between the two sides. Though Zan and Deshaun took the brunt of the blows and shots, they managed to secure their quarry and offered her a means of escape. They doubled back to the ship and, once again we hastily took our leave from Tatooine with our new “guest”, for lack of a better term.
Of the place we have travelled, Tatooine is one I was more than happy to leave as quickly as we arrived, so to speak; too hot, too seedy, and too much trouble to deal with. In all honesty, I have absolutely no desire or need to return here, though I have a bad feeling that I will… unfortunately.



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