Republic Credits Will Do Fine...

Pulling Back the Curtian

Letters to Home 5

Pagoda_by_tarrzan.jpgIt would appear we have evolved from our simple activities of drifting nomads to being embroiled in underhanded schemes of treachery and payback. Well, most of us. Jack, Kas, Bruce, and Zan were talking of needing to upgrade some materials, resources, and elements to the ship. Deshaun was eager to push the fact anything could had on Zeltros. After some reasoning, Zan was persuaded, set course. Thank the maker of stimpacks because I opted to vaccinate myself with pheromone suppressors and I’m thankful I did. Lechery, libidinous, and lust is known to rampant. Ha-ha!
The rigors and trials of life and business are not as stressed on this world as you would see on the likes of Coruscant or Corellia, though it is definitely more free-spirited and aloof as many are simply enjoying life to the fullest; perhaps some more indulgent than others. Do not get me wrong, it is certainly vibrant, yet at the same time tranquil. In any event, Deshaun took it upon himself to be a generous and welcome host and sought to give us some much needed relaxation, at least in his mind. I did not refuse the pampering, but I did not binge on his hospitality. Some let loose, some were more reserved. To each their own, I guess. In the midst of this Zan was seeking to acquire a small fighter craft called an RZ-1 Interceptor(?). Of course you probably know all too well what it is, yet I’m a doctor, not a flyboy. ;)
Zan and Deshaun “slummed” and sauntered through the “shady” districts because this isn’t something you simply go and purchase from a dealership, apparently. After a few greased palms and slinging of drinks Zan met a Bothan “Junker” named Rhan. After some casual exchange, Rhan informed Zan of an opportunity for “little job” that could net him the payout he would need to get what he’s looking for and earn Rhan’s confidence. Rhan gave him the preliminary details and told him the contact and the job were on Bespin.We settled up our affairs on planet and set off for Bespin. This is already starting off with a lot of unanswered questions and deceptiveness. Needless to say, I got a bad feeling about this…



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