Republic Credits Will Do Fine...

Sometimes You have to be a Bad Person to Save Yourself

Letters to Home 8

Mari_-_Star_Wars_1313.jpgIt would appear, Jalen, that I am now one of those whom are guilty by association. Intrigue has a funny way of turning things upside down and sideways it seems. I sit here writing this as we make a spirited flight from Bespin after being under duress. There is advantage and disadvantage to being outside the loop. Somehow I have fallen on the middle ground.
I sit here keeping tabs on Zan who is floating in the bacta tank. Others are sleeping of their sedatives and incurred wounds. Needless to say, their business inevitably ended in a double cross, in a manner of speaking. It was to be a heist in two spectrums. The goal was to steal the Jewel of Yavin and take the auction money for it. To what ends, I know not, though I do know it was all part of the contract’s fabricator.
I was able to assess that it my comrades were the means to do the “dirty work” of the scheme. They used their skills to move closer to the prize and set up pieces to play. Intrigue is such a chess match, don’t you think? They drove up the bids and shuffled the funds to a private, secure account. They also crashed the museum and snatched the gem. It was not exactly without a hitch or two, to be sure. They fought off security droids and some other thief looking to do the exact same thing of taking the gem. It was escalating quickly.
They managed to acquire their objective and went to meet their employer and close the deal. Apparently, this is where it turned much darker in plot. They were to rendezvous at a public transit lift and be ferried to a discreet location. My associates are not one to play the fool and planned accordingly, however what they did not count on was for their transport to be their death warrant. The ferry was rigged with explosives and though they managed to release the device it exploded and caused a major crash. Zan took the brunt of it but it was a failed attempt to eliminate loose ends.
They managed to skirt security and other elements, making their way back to the ship. We made quick work of making a swift exit and left Bespin behind us. It is not that they went away with empty pockets, as Gerb managed to build in a “back door”, whatever that means, and get the credits owed and we hold possession of the gem. Yes, illegally, but as Kas so admittedly pointed out that it was leverage. This match is a stalemate at the moment.
As if it wasn’t enough to simple have someone after us, I fear we have a trifecta. Kaltho bought the gem, the original owner has no payment, and the conspirator has little to show for his efforts and variables not in his control. Now we must watch ourselves threefold. Oh joy… then again, nothing bands a group together better than a common enemy, dare I say enemies. It would be nice to have some friends at this point.



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