Lorelai "Rory" Vin Quadrix

Psuedo-Exiled Doctor from Naboo


Lorelai is human female in her early twenties; 5’9”, slender and slight. She goes by her childhood nickname of Rory to those she considers friends, associates, and in non-formal maters; outside of that, she refers to herself as Dr. Vin. She dons reading glasses, though she does not truly need them. She tells people that they make her feel more focused, self-confident, and that people tend to perceive her more as professional and intellectual rather than just another pretty face. Her regular pair she wears was a gift from Jalen that she keeps near and dear to her heart, as a prized possession.
She carries an engrained imprint of an aristocratic lady outwardly and comes across with firmness and authority in business dealings. She is however compassionate to those struggling in life. Aboard ship and between jobs, she relaxes her guard and is very sociable and kind hearted.
Rory is a gifted doctor in her own right, specializing in Trauma Surgery, Epidemiology, and Etymology. She fulfills her role as the ship’s doctor flawlessly. Though groomed in the noble elite, she was inspired by the late Queen Amidala’s standard of caring for the socially weak. She takes opportunities to aid others from ailments and illness whenever possible. She is faithful to her Hippocratic Oath to do no harm, unless in self-defense. Overall she will put those close to her before herself when pressed.
Rory is a true loyalist and patriot to Naboo. Though her home world is under Imperial control, Rory, like many other inhabitants begrudgingly comply with their allegiance to the Empire, but keep their personal dissension to themselves. She does not oppose the state of the Empire and Imperial control whole heartedly, yet with her abrupt introduction to the detention and enslavement of the Wookies, it has opened her eyes to the veiled oppression of Imperial control and how blind many are to this cruelty. She has developed a soft spot for Wookies and subtly tries to aid them when the opportunity presents itself.
Rory and Jalen have been friends since their introduction at the debutante ball. Their meetings were infrequent, but the two communicated often. As they grew older, their relationship matured into a shared romantic overtone. Rory dismissed or discouraged many would-be suitors that were presented, mostly arranged by her parents. She attempted to persuade her parents to consider Jalen as a possible betrothed and though initially the prospect seemed to come to fruition, both families inevitably allowed the issue to go idle in the hopes of more lucrative potentials. Rory was disappointed, but still remains optimistic that they would come to an accord. Despite her current standing with them, she still is loyal and faithful to her parents. With her ventures off world, Jalen and Rory still write regularly to one another.
Rory and Jalen’s scheme was successful which furthered their bond to one another. The two are loyal to one another beyond reproach. Rory feels deeply honor bound and indebted to Jalen for tarnishing his reputation and exploiting his military influence and rank. Jalen repeatedly tries to assure her that he did so willingly for her, yet she still feels she cannot properly repay his actions and involvement.
Rory knows that she has absentmindedly and foolishly embroiled herself into the illegal smuggling trade. Though her involvement is indirect, she knows she treads a fine line of guilt by association. Her travels skirt the lines of Imperial control and beyond the notice of Naboo society, but she still knows that her connection will most likely come back to haunt her, more-so damaging than her small act of liberating Shorahab and his companions. For now, she keeps her involvement as limited and indirect as possible. She has learned through Zan that the best course of actions is to ask no questions and play it cool.


Dr. Lorelai “Rory” Vin Quadrix
Lorelai was born to Trevin and Azalyn Vin Quadrix of Naboo. Her father was a descendent from a line of Naboo industrialists whom, like his predecessors, invested in multiple land and mineral rights ventures which maintained the family name in the ranks Naboo’s aristocracy. Her mother was a patron of the arts, sitting on many chairs of social clubs and civic organizations. Her father gave Lorelai the nickname “Rory” due to the fact that she was born during a lunar eclipse of the Naboo’s moon, Rori.
Growing up, Rory and her family divided their time between living in the capital city of Theed and the Lake Country, as did most other titled families. She lived amongst the upper echelon of Naboo’s “blue-blooded”, yet never truly settled in the trappings of the existence. Rory was exhibited and toted around from event to event, though once her presence was no longer needed, she would retreat to a quiet place and read various literatures and local histories. Rory attended private schooling, excelling in her academics, all the while being groomed by her mother as a debutante.
When she was thirteen, Rory was brought to the Cotillion Ball held during Naboo’s Festival of Love. It was there she would meet a young Royal Space Force Cadet named Jalen Olie, son of the famous Ric Olie. Jalen was Rory’s escort for the evening and through their shared nerves and awkwardness over the stifling, pomp and circumstance, the two quickly developed an amicable relationship. Though their lives were in two different societal circles, the two corresponded regularly with one another.
Rory was primed to go down the chosen path her parents had prearranged for her; however Rory, with Jalen’s assistance, was able to persuade Jalen’s parents into sponsoring her to attend the Royal Academy of Medicine and Health Sciences. Despite her selfish scheming, her parents could not turn down the sponsorship. Rory was permitted to attend and did her sponsors and parents proud.
Upon graduation from the medical academy, Rory opted to join the Refuge Relief Movement’s Medical Corps. For two years she traveled to various locations and applied her vocation. Rory felt that she was doing a greater service by working with the disadvantaged but over time she began sense people were being subjugated by Imperial control. Rory kept her opinions closely guarded though she shared her observations to Jalen, privately, to hopefully bolster some sort political action or investigation into it. Jalen utilized Rory’s accounts but soon noted that “it seems to be falling on deafened ears”. Rory did not allow this to dissuade her and continued to offer aid to those who needed her assistance.
As the Medical Corps were headed back to Naboo after an extended excursion, her ship received a transmission from an Imperial outpost on the agri-world of Dargo. They were told that a small number of farmhands had succumbed to a strange illness. The commanding officer noted that they had no true doctor aside from a basic field medic and were ill equipped to handle the situation. The Corps Chief Doctor asked for a volunteer and Rory offered to assist. Rory took a shuttle and set off to the planet’s surface.
Upon arrival, she found out that the outpost was also housing an improvised, Imperial Security Force labor camp which was oddly placed for the ecosystem. Rory was received and found her patients to be four Wookies placed under tight guard, despite their weakened and docile state. Rory examined the four to find that a native allergen of the planet had triggered the “illness” but the Wookies condition was only accelerated by the onset of undernourishment, fatigue, and dehydration. Rory grew very suspicious of what was developing before her as the Imperial officer overseeing the issue, Lieutenant Derryn Ratto, kept pressing her to act hastily and all attempts to gather information towards their origins prior to coming to the planet and exposures were met with vague responses. Frustrated and skeptical, Rory issued closed quarantine measures instilling a uneasy fear of a potential epidemic yet in truth she merely wanted to place a buffer between her and the pressuring Lieutenant.
During her imposed quarantine, Rory spoke with a Wookie named Shorahab about what was actually going on. Shorahab told Rory that he and some of the others were refugees from Kashyyyk. They had escaped the Imperial invasion of their home world and were essentially galactic drifters. During their travels, they had passed near Dargo and were boarded by the ISF. Their ship was seized, the group was labelled as terrorist rebels, and they were enslaved to work for the outpost in their imprisonment. Rory sympathized with their plight, seeing that although Shorahab was an intimidating presence in his own right, he was honest, kind hearted, and only wanted to protect his people and himself.
Rory knew she would have to act quickly as the Lieutenant was growing more impatient. Rory contacted Jalen, explained the situation and asked for his aid. Jalen and Rory concocted a plan under a medical quarantine evacuation. Jalen arrived with members of his fighter wing, escorting a medical transport. Ratto was displeased with the underhanded action, threatening to destroy the Wookies as a health risk. Jalen intervened and Rory carted off the four Wookies, leaving the planet.
Arriving back on Naboo, trying to stay ahead of Imperial intervention, Rory acted quickly, machinating the legitimacy of the hoax as Jalen arranged for the quarantine to be held at a remote security hangar in an isolated area. With Shorahab and the other Wookies secured, Rory snuck the four Wookies out and spirited them away to the Gallo Mountains. Jalen rigged the auto pilot of a transport to leave the planet under the guise of the Wookies escaping. Jalen and members of his flight pursued and destroyed the ship to fulfill the rouse.
Upon hearing of the escape, Lt. Ratto investigated the matter with a vendetta. Ratto questioned Rory and Jalen ruthlessly, more so out of spite than effectiveness, considering them Rebel conspirators and sought to have them tried for treason as Imperial traitors. Unfortunately, given their noble status and clout, Ratto was told he had failed to bring sufficient evidence to these accusations. After the dismissal, Lt. Ratto was recalled and the matter fell quiet.
Though Rory had succeeded, gossip and rumors circulated through the courts and social circles, casting doubt and speculation upon her and Jalen. Her parents were less than pleased with the mar on her family name and reputation. After much scolding and reprimanding, they compromised on a resolution. Rory was told would leave Naboo, willingly, to allow the heat of the matter to cool down. Rory collected all the gear she could carry and set out on a colonist transport, acting as a roving doctor.
Rory roamed through out various systems, wandering from place to place, applying her medical practice, aiding others, and scraping out a living for her services. After some time, she began to long to keep her interests more secure as well as mobile. She heard of an enterprising ship captain named Zan was looking for a doctor for his ship. To her surprise, the curt and straight-talking captain offered her the position without much banter and a commission from the cargo payout for her role. Rory agreed and travelled with him on Ulysses’ Honor.
Rory settled into the life of independent commercial freight business with ease to her own surprise. Other crew came and went but she stayed with Zan and stood by her “captain”, establishing a sense of loyalty and friendship between her and Zan. Zan has introduced her to the business, but she soon discovered she had cast her lot in the life of a smuggler. Despite the illicit activity, she engaged in Zan’s ventures on a superficial level. For the time being, it is a profitable undertaking that she sees as lucrative in her pseudo-exile.

Lorelai "Rory" Vin Quadrix

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