Zan Kessel

5' 10" Brown Hair, Grey Eyes, and 165 lbs. Scar running from hair line to jaw line across left eye.

Zan Kessel

“At first glance Zan is, well average for lack of a better term, he isn’t really intimidating looking, not overly good looking, doesn’t wear fancy clothes, nor does he stand out in a crowd, that is until he wants to. You see Zan Kessel relies on his force of personality, now this isn’t saying he is a socialite or well mannered, actually it is probably the fact that he is for the most part the opposite of that that makes him stand out when he wants to. Generally he is the quiet, brooding, and foul tempered ass sitting alone at the corner table with his back to the wall watching everything in the room with a suspicious eye.

Well enough about his good points, Zan is a true spacer, he has never lived on a planet per say, I would not count his first 6 months of life on Kessel as living on a planet, so in his mind they are places to visit or do business not live. He is most comfortable on a ship (primarily the Ulisys’ Honor) in space. He is wary of crowds and new people, goes back to social graces, he grew up with smugglers and vagabonds, and dealing with the denizens of the Underworld, like the Hutt, the less honest Moffs, Alliance Officers, and Trades, and just plain crooked people on the outer rims. Even with this he is an honorable man once he gives his word he stands by it (at least until the contract is paid).

Now some who observe Zan planet side would say he is a lone wolf of sorts, and they would be close to right, he has a pack mentality like a wolf, once he decides you are a “crew member” (his terminology for family member) he will lay his life down for you in a heartbeat. If he finds out you need something he does his best to figure out a way to procure, find, or track it down.

Currently Zan has really only three things he (in his mind) couldn’t live without, his ship (aka his baby/child DO NOT MESS WITH IT WITHOUT PERMISSION), his blaster, and his crew. Now crew is listed last but is enter changeable with his blaster, but just barely.

He lives his life on a whim, he plans little and though he is driven mostly by the search for wealth (one would think he is consumed by money, until they really get to know him) it is only because it takes money to stay in space. His true driving goal is to make sure those he sees as his family have what they need and anything they don’t notice they need. He after all is the one who decided they were his to care for. Now don’t get me wrong he doesn’t view them as property or slaves, more like his children (though be it teenager) so when he perceives what he thinks they need, whether they do or not, he will do what he can to take care of that need.

Back to appearance, Zan is average height for a human standing about 5’ 10” (178cm), 165 lbs. (74.8 kg), brown hair kept fairly short. His one outstanding feature, appearance wise, is the scar that runs from his hair line all the way down to his jaw line, rumor has it that it continues down his chest to just below his rib cage, I myself have not seen him without a shirt so I would not know. Anyway back to his looks he is not ugly nor is he what I would call a pretty boy, he is, hmm, I guess I would call him ruggedly handsome. And yes I realize I said earlier that he was average, and he is at first glance, it isn’t until you really look at him that you start to notice the little things that, well, make him more than average. You know that confident air that is sometimes mistaken for arrogance, cockiness, or just plain rude, then you get closer and well he has earned that confidence, he is alive after being born on Kessel, raised by a smuggler/pirate, being wanted by a Hutt, best friend is a Jawa, and your family consist of a ragtag crew, whom you decided to take in, and you are still alive, I think he earned the right to be confident.

Anything else you want to know about the man you go and ask him, he will either tell you what you want to know or he won’t if he says no just walk away though he has a nasty temper and a quicker trigger finger.”

Ackmena, Night Bartender at Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina, Mos Eisley Spaceport, Tatooine


Born on Kesel approximately 32years ago to two slaves in the spice mines his parents managed to get him smuggled off planet. The captain of the freighter ( took him under his wing to raise as his own teaching him how to pilot, the ins and outs of moving freight both legitimately and less that legit. He has mixed feelings about the Empire and the Rebels/Old Republic. Both have their positive and negative points. The Empire caught and executed his “father.” He knows about his real parents even tried to get them off Kesel, found out they had passed on before he got there. When it comes to friends he is loyal to a fault, even if he is always threatening them with the air lock. Betray his friendship/trust and you have an enemy for life and one not afraid to leave you floating with the garbage in a cesspool or the frigid confines of deep space. After the death of his mentor/savior/father, he inherited Ulisy’s Honor.

He has two major regrets in his life one is the loss of his father the other is not making it in time to save/meet his biological parents.

Zan Kessel

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