Republic Credits Will Do Fine...

"Hot in the City"
Letters to Home 2

coruscant.jpgMy Dearest Jalen,
Hey, flyboy! As saying goes, things are always done faster on Coruscant. Never has this been truer than when we arrived. Actually, we weren’t initially headed to that particular destination, yet fate had other plans in mind. What started out so simple quickly became a whirlwind of chaos.
We were travelling along a regular route when a signal broke the idle dullness. A freighter had incurred major damage after being beset upon by pirates. The pirates prey was lame prize as they had nothing of consequent value. Zan came in and offered aid and they forwarded us their part of a contract to deliver spring water to Coruscant. I never knew there was value in such simple things yet there are places I’m sure it’s a valued commodity. Needless to say I tried my hand in investing in futures thereof. Perhaps my father’s entrepreneurship is finally setting in.
In any event we extracted the cargo and took it to its destination. It was simple exchange and we profited reasonably. Upon arrival Deshaun wished to take some liberties about the planet and others wanted to simply get off the ship. It had been a long travel after all and I was not arguing the need to get out and have a break away from the confines of the ship.
This wasn’t my first trip to Coruscant, though a different sector than I was used to. It wasn’t a bad experience by any means, just more on the commercial and industrial side. I aimlessly moved about letting modest indulgencies lead me to and fro. That was until my associates embroiled themselves into another debacle. I’m not sure how it all started but Zan called for a meet up with Jack, Bruce, Kas, and Deshaun. Business, no doubt, or so I thought. I wasn’t needed need upfront, so I paid it little mind, till I heard the blaster shot over the comm.
Zan and the others are wise to keep open channel on comms whenever the go into an appointment with a potential vendor as many are rather “shady”. Not to say we are doing anything outright illegal, but some of these exchanges have been, well, questionable in nature. I know all too well the need to not ask too many questions and reserve myself to me role. I digress. It goes without saying the “all hell broke loose” in the assembly. Shots were exchanged in a running gun fight and my fellows made a hasty departure, only to be further pursued through the hectic traffic lanes. Again, a violent exchange was had but they were able to flee from their assailants.
I returned to the ship, knowing I would no doubt need to undo the damage that had been done unto them. It wasn’t bad yet still distressing. Once my services had been rendered, they set off to make an exchange. I knew I dare not stray far as this would no doubt be round two… I guess three technically. I stay by the comm to eavesdrop. What happened next was as unorthodox as it was comical. Their receiving party was being detained by ISB officers due to a terrorist attack on a public transport platform had occurred. In a twisted turn of events, Deshaun took to a speeder craft and barreled it wildly through the lanes to cause a distraction. The diversion, ironically, worked. Foolish on his part yet clever nonetheless. Deshaun is certainly full of surprises. Kas was able to wrench Deshaun from the clutches of the ISB patrol and they went to the lower level to flee. They rejoined later and the rest returned to the Ulysses.
I know not the particulars of the exchange but the R5 unit set about working on a data pad. Apparently, it was the egg hiding the details of what was transpiring. In the end, it was bounty contract. Bruce was all about it for he took to the business of collecting imbursement for fugitives. So much hassle for such an odd endeavor. We are far from being outlaw retrieval specialist, though if it were up to some of the others, whatever pays is what they occupy their time and energies.
In the random bedlam the others brought about, there was media splattering their acts across the holo-boards and displays all across the sector and every point in between. It was time to discreetly make our departure. With no sense of direction and not wanting jump from one heated issue to another we deliberated on options. I could only think of one with the fewest problems to handle and that was to head for Naboo.
So yes, I will be coming home, shortly. I cannot wait to see you. I haven’t quite considered how I am going to approach my parents, but I will have a little time to hash that out. Listen to me, having to scheme and plot how I am going to speak to my parents; they are my parents! Ha-Ha! Regardless, I did want to forewarn you, opposed to simply surprising you at an inopportune time. I am anxiously awaiting to see you again.

A Game of Shadows
Letters to Home

Utapau_landscape.jpgMy Dearest Jalen,
Hey there, flyboy! I hope things are well with you back home. I am alive and well, feeling a bit melancholic, but otherwise fine. I have to admit, I never understood the idea of being homesick, however I find myself longing to return back to Naboo. I have not kept track just how long I have been away, yet I know it’s been at least a year, perhaps longer. I have been to so many places, never staying too long in one place. It makes you feel like a wayward lost soul, if not a pariah. It has not dampened my spirits, but I am becoming somewhat apathetic to the monotony. We go to a location, off load our cargo, strike deals, restock, load up, and off again to another location. It is not all bad. Despite the rather tediousness nature of this venture, there are a few bright moments that turn up.
We just recently went to Utapau. It is a rather strange place in its own right. When we entered the atmosphere and I was able to see the landscape, it was like travelling across the greater plains, only devoid of the green grasses and warmth. It is more barren and rocky, more-so than they describe. The ship was constantly dancing on the storm-like winds that tossed us around a bit, but we managed well enough.
The deep holes are vast in scope but I was rather reserved descending into them. One is left with the sensation that no matter how far you go down, you are left with the feeling that it is bottomless. You just keep going further and further down, yet it does not get darker. It is disorienting to say the least. Nevertheless, we docked in the public port and disembarked. The delivery was rather nothing of note and we were given down time. I opted to offer my services as a physician, after all, people are always needing a good doctor. I was met with little reservation, though with the mining and general laborers had various injuries, aches, and pains. Nothing worth making a medical journal over, but it made me some extra spending money.
There was one very pregnant female Utai that was carrying triplets. It was a complicated labor but I was able to help deliver them safely. I have to admit, it was a bright spot to my time, though I admit the infant Utai are like handle large loafs of unrolled dough with two black olives for eyes. It seems unnerving upon first glance and a bit ugly, though one could say they are so ugly they are cute. A face only a mother could love to be sure.
Aside from that, we arranged a new freight to haul and at first it seemed like any other situation, however it was apparently off the books, in a manner of speaking. As we were loading, the Imperial customs agents and security were assaulted by some unknown assailants. Terrorists? Rebels? I know not, nor do I care. We looked to protect our own and quickly took our leave. We secured the load and went off to the drop point. I guess it goes without saying that things got rather interesting from there.
We went to a remote location in a ravine or canyon at night. The party we were meeting where unknown to us but we found ourselves making the exchange with Dugs. Ugh! I despise these creatures as they never fail their distasteful stereotype. There was limited lighting and we were all on edge over the potential set-up before us. Oh yes! We were not failed by our rogue associates. We went to make the drop and of course they attempted a non-payment double cross, for lack of a better term. They fired upon us and they had a sniper in the wings. He was a decent shot but not good enough to take us down. Not that I was out in the fray; far from it. I was covered within the cargo ramp entry.
We exchange fire and was able to take down enough of them that they gave up. We took the exchanged cargo and left them. The cargo they sought was less than legal as they were grenades. Rather dangerous ones to boot. We were at a loss as to what to do with them but we figured we would come across someone else who we might be able to sell them off to. Alas, I guess you can say that things are not always drab, but I assure you that this is does not every in every exchange that we make. You need not worry about me. I can handle myself and have plenty of trusted allies on my side. I am their medic and that puts me a bit higher on the priority list, or shall I say, protected.
I have rambled on long enough. I wish you all the best and hope you are keeping yourself safe. Though our distance may be great, know that no matter where I go, you are always in my heart and thoughts. I do miss you terribly. I miss our quiet conversations, face to face. I long to return home and see you once again.

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