Republic Credits Will Do Fine...

Big Brother is Watching

Letters to Home 9

8552396962_4fe386906f_b_2.jpgApparently our endeavors were not without some advantage. The terms of striking out on the chaos we created did prove to be enough to instill the trust in Rhan. He opted to fulfill his part in acquisition of an A-wing. I seriously have no idea what he is seeking this ship for. When I asked him in confidence, he simply replied “It’s going to be my toy!” You flyboys and your fascination with the latest and greatest flying machine is something I shall never truly understand. Ha-ha!
In any event, Rhan told us that he too was caught up in the act of tying up loose ended and found himself in the scope of a sniper. He convinced Zan to take him onboard to obtain his trophy as he was on the run from Arend as well. The enemy of my enemy, I suppose.
We set out and were bound for Tatooine. Ah, yes, the barren waste of sand and scandalous desires. I have never been here, outright, though its reputation precedes itself. Let’s just say the reputation is completely true. It is hot, bright, and 115 F in the shade no less. Far too hot and arid for my liking, however if you are it is the one place where no one your story, let alone cares. If you are seeking to hide, this is the Elysium you seek. It has its own dangers but you quickly learn to mind your own and keep a low profile less trouble shall ultimately find you.
That said, Tatooine was where this A-wing was being “stored”, and I use that term very loosely. Given the circumstances that led us here I highly assumed it was a rouse or yet another pilfered piece of property. Such was not the case, thankfully. I was not without concern though. A Imperial Star Destroyer was orbiting the planet and its stature in the skies above certainly made for a looming and dreadful presence. It was made known that the late Moff of Tatooine was assassinated and there was an investigation into the circumstances of his death. It appears they took this incident VERY seriously if not a bit overzealous by breaking out Storm Troopers to maintain order. They had not declare a state of martial law, however they were certain placed strategically to do so at a moments’ notice.
Although the goal was to remain unobtrusive, such was not to be. Kas, Jack, and Nauska caught up in a street fight with a group of troopers and it caused an immediate commotion. I know, deep down, it wasn’t their intent to create a distraction but it did afford us some liberty. Sometimes, I wonder about Kas. She can be trusted and put herself in harms’ way, yet sometimes I ponder what her true motives are. I did not take long for the Imperial forces to move on the situation. A shuttle landed and several officers and ISS agents took a more personal and direct approach to the issue. In short order, Jack, Kas, and Nauska’s likenesses were plastered on the public broadcast. Thankfully, no one acted on the “Imperial gratitude, however a price on their heads will be soon to follow. We will have to act expeditiously…



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