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Hither and yon in search of vestiges of ancients

Letters to Home 4

Hyperspace-3D-Animated-Wallpaper.jpgMy Dearest Jalen,
I’m sorry, Jalen. This is where I would normally profess an energetic salutation, though I’m aware this may be the onset of a one sided communication. It is not that I don’t care, I truly do; it is simply the fact that I feel better writing to you in the hope you read this and know that someone who cares is thinking of me. Perhaps I’m a just a bit depressed and deserted. I have my travelling companions to be sure, yet they are simply that, not true friends. Forgive me; I don’t seek pity, maybe sympathy.
It has been some time since my last message and in that time some much has happened I can barely recount in detail what all has transpired. For starters, we bounded about doing regular transports of goods of little import till we were approached by a scholar of some sort who was pursuing ancient artifacts. He was some sort of archeologist, at least that what he appeared to be. He was a little skittish and aloof, but overall harmless. Zan took on the contract of providing glorified transport as Kas, Jack, and Bruce provided pseudo-security. The scholar’s work provided a location of pieces to a greater artifact. This took us to points relatively unknown from what felt like one galaxy to the next. It was adventurous and intriguing, I have to admit.
We go somewhere, navigate the terrain, find a long forgotten shrine or temple, or whatever they were. Occasionally, we’d encounter some creature(s) in our path that were relative unknown to common knowledge. In one case we came across this island inset to the remnants of a meteor crater. The island was inhabited by these pseudo-sentient primates. They were primal by nature but could communicate through body language. They seemed to “worship” the artifact and the man-made structures holding it. As if it came from the pages of a fairy tale of old, of course this artifact had a guardian. It was a like one of the fisherman’s yarns or Gungan tales a creature of huge and frightening mythical beasts from the deep. Needless to say I’m certainly less skeptical now having seen it with my own eyes.
Words cannot properly account for the massive size of this creature. At best, take a tortoise, give it the length and width of the largest Tank you could picture, add an exoskeleton complete with spines and spikes, add a nasty disposition, and you have what I saw. Disturbing, is it not? The “charade” monkeys did try to steer us away and warn us, but let’s just say my travelling comrades are less that apt to heed sufficient warnings. It was a harrying ordeal to be rid of the thing. Was it killed… hard to say. We retrieved the object, err artifact, and set out for our next destination. That… is where it got even more intriguing.
We headed for a remote destination in the Outer Rim. I know you would want to know more being a pilot and all but I’ve only becoming vaguely familiar with this astronavigation technique. In any event we were approached by several fighters who were intent on taking us. At least that myself and the others could ascertain. No comm chatter; no signaling; just interception. We braced to repel the aggressors and we were able to fend them off and disable them. We are not bloodthirsty and give banter, barter, and quarter. We are not pirates, after all.
A capital ship arrived on the scene and that is where we were able to “talk” this out. Well, I say that rather audaciously. The best I can summarize is that these rogue individuals were “protectors” of the artifact(s) that the scholar was pursuing. We tried to find a compromise, but none could be reached. All we could do is turn back. That is, Zan did manage to recover some compensation for the assault upon “his baby” by claiming two of the fighters for himself. Yes, it was a bit of skullduggery, I’ll admit, but we are NOT pirates, far from it. It was sad to see the scholar have to run back with relatively empty pockets, but he paid us for our services rendered and we part ways.
And that is about the best I can recall. Funny, One part danger, one part danger, and I have found myself becoming carefree and nonchalant about it. I know not whether to be disturbed or content. Then again I am being a bit more proactive about my circumstances and situation. I still am travelling and retain my function as doctor, though I’m trying to diversify my professional portfolio.
I mentioned before how I started investing in trade goods, well, I’ve expanded to other ventures. Nothing substantial or noteworthy but it is affording me a side profit. I let Zan know, as not to hide it from him nor undercut his own enterprise(s), to which he took no offense. Father would be proud that I’ve finally come around to the family business, would he not? HA! I’ve also begun to learn the basics of piloting and navigation. Moreover out of boredom, while waiting for someone to become sick or injured. I’m apt with the electronics since they are not much different than the medical scanners I am accustomed to. Ok, so they are different, but there is some familiarity.
I feel I have rambled on in this message long enough. I admit I feel slightly better inside having relayed this to you. Perhaps I just needed to someone to talk to, so to speak. My mother had given me a personal diary when I was little and I kept it up into my early teens. Though this is far from a schoolgirl’s secret book, as you, Mr. Jalen, are my intended audience, it feels more like a confessional narrative. Maybe this is to be a confessional, improvised diary, or memoir. Whatever the case, I’ll do my best to keep up with it. Know that, I still miss you dearly and long to see you again. You are in my thoughts and heart wherever I go.
tumblr_m4j6ibVs0x1rw2mv9o1_500.pngP.S. I still have those reading spectacles you gave me in jest because of my squinting. So, yes, you are “on my mind”, always. hahaha!



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