Republic Credits Will Do Fine...

Nothing Besides Remains...

Letters to Home 12

Oh how sad this place is. Never have I seen such despair. I know not how to accurately convey the scene that I have witnessed. In due diligence, I researched Questal to prep for and cross reference environmental allergens and malaises to generate appropriate countermeasures and immunization boosters. There were no real threats to be concerned with but fortune favor the prepared mind they say.

I looked upon the images of the planet and it reminded me of home, of course. It was green, lush, and mostly untouched by colonization, aside from a few standing settlements. Sadly, I emphasize the past-tense in that statement. What I was anticipating or expecting of the planet in reality was the furthest from. It was as if someone had simply erased all the signs of life from the surface of the planet and replaced it with deeply rooted scars and ashen waste. The planet was completely blemished from the glimmering gem of life it once was. There were portions that were obvious homesteads and farming tracts, however the current mining operations had and were leaving deep, industrial wound on the planet making it appear as if an affliction were slowing eroding and chipping away at the natural landscape and terrestrial acreages.

We landed on the planet only to find an Imperial fortification nettled into the Gralleeyna. The Imperial presence was menacing, to say the least, but it did not seem to be overbearing. You were aware of their presence and it imposed sense of order through means of fear and intimidation, yet something simply felt shrill about it. I could not place it, other than to suggest that it just was conflicting. Regardless, the spaceport, and I say that very laxly, was nothing more than an open field of dust where the dirt had been compressed so tightly under the intense weight of various transport ship that had landed over time. There were no frills to this port of call as it had its Imperial customs inspectors that were no more superficial permit pushers and scalpers skimming a few credits under the guise of Imperial protection. I despise people like this, yet I have seen far worse in my time with my rogue fellows, unfortunately.

Aside from that, Gralleeyna was different than most places I have come across. It is getting harder for me to say such a statement the longer I venture forth, though I mean it more on a cultural or sociological level than a physical observation.
There are rows and blocks of townhouses and cottages that have seemingly melded together into larger structures. The residents and tenant miners seem to be in a constant state of motion as the street vendors, farmers market, cantinas, and everything in between seem to never slow down nor close up shop for the night. Life keeps pulsating at all hours, non-stop. It is astounding as well to see a variety of different cultures from the various points in the galaxy yet finds some niche or pocket of familiarity all the same. The people are generally friendly, warm, gracious, and inviting though I dare say much of it is rather obligatory and artificial. As if the inhabitants know their world is perishing and they are trying to make the best of what it going on around them or fool themselves into think all is well. How could so much cheerfulness coincide with all this gloom?

This was only compounded by the fact that there were several notices placed about the city of the over the territorial governor, Moff Bandor’s birthday celebration that was to be taking place and observed for the entire week. There were various signs of cursory adherence to avoid imperial scrutiny. The people were in a festive, carnival atmosphere being played out in the street and various entertainers and circus performs paraded through the avenues of the municipality.

As we all casually surveyed the area, Deshaun did something rather foolish yet heroic. A small circus troop was strutting about when their ape-like attraction suddenly became agitated and broke free from its handlers. The creature went on a flailing rampage and was about to barrel down onto a young child. Deshaun charged valiantly and interceded, protecting the child from harm. Kas, Gerb, and Bruce joined in the fray were able to render the creature unconscious. The handler admitted he did not know what trigger the tirade but the local constabulary contained the situation and pushed on as if it was nothing major or worth pursuing. It was a peculiar set of circumstances and even stranger resolution, to be sure. I wonder what other odd situation are afoot.



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