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Letters to Home 3

Hilton-Gaslamp-Naboo.jpgMy Dearest Jalen,
Where am I to begin? I am somewhat at a loss for words right now. Who knew coming home would leave me with more sadness and distresses. I can only say, for the moment, I know now why my correspondences have not been reciprocated as of late. That is, if my presumptions are correct.
I only thought that Naboo would be a reprieve for the hassle, yet I am thrust into my own personal calamity. Knowing my parents rarely deviate from their routine I took to the family manor in the Lake Country to draw as little attentions possible. Ok, so a Citadel-class light freighter landing the back hills of the manor is less than inconspicuous, but it’s an off season for there to be many residents.
We landed and I set to being a hospitable hostess and knew I would need to restock the pantries for my guests. I took the speeder into the capital with the others. I set about gathering the essentials as the others went around on their own merry explorations as came to find out many of them had never been to Naboo. I was glad to see little had changed and I sent out a note to let you know I was here, yet I got no response; not even a cursory justification. It was then I knew something was off. Of course, one half of me thought the worst while the other began to stew on doubts. I knew a more direct approach was inevitable, I opted to be direct towards my parents, and went to the family hall in the city.
To say I did not feel the least bit awkward as I walked up to the estate would be a lie. I caught myself taking a deep relaxing breath before I hit the call button. I did not feel it appropriate to simply walk in, though it is my home, so to speak. Etiquette presided over me. As anticipated, Braynar, father’s steward, was there to receive me. For a moment I felt the first sense of being welcomed home by his presence and though I could see a slight spark of happiness in seeing me initially, it quickly turned to worry. This only confirmed my reservations that something was certainly amiss. Braynar and I exchanged pleasantries as he tactfully clued-up the situation for me that my parents we “on leave” as father’s endeavors had come into question by the ISB and that the house was being watched. With that, I excused myself as Braynar chivalrously bid me his well wishes.
I know not what all was being scrutinized, but it was certainly enough for my parents to remove themselves from the planet. It would have to be something imminent and damning for my father to resort to such a course of action. I discreetly worked through what open channels I could query for information yet little were readily available. I was only able to discern that my father was being suspected of financing deeds that apparently were divergent of the imperial status-quo. To what ends… I do not know.
No doubt, you know what my immediate concern was. I rejoined my companions to which I found them dealing in a sale of “contraband items” which involved them with some “rebel sympathizers” who were eager to purchase said items. Oh, the tangled webs we embroil ourselves in. It was then I realized that if the suspicion of my father would open them to delve into his affairs I knew they would no doubt stumble upon “The Sanctuary”. I knew if they had not already discovered it, it would only be a matter of time before ISB would. That would not only bring me back to a person of interest then acclimate me to father’s issue thus adding more conflicts and fuel to the fire.
Forgive me for not enlightening you to my actions prior, yet given the circumstances, I could not risk entangling you in this mess any further. I told the others of what had been done in the past and seizing the opportunity, I headed for “The Sanctuary”. There was at least a few still on Naboo who welcomed me with open arms. I informed our “guests” of the situation and the impending trouble that could be following. They understood and agreed that it was “time to move on”. I was able to take them to the “sympathizers” to which they were in shock of what I was able to bring to them. Our “guests” offered to join them and we parted ways. Given the situations, I pressed Zan that we again make a unobtrusive leave from Naboo. He agreed, we gathered some superficial business to pay the way, and left.
Oh, Jalen, what have I done? Have I cast my lot into a ring I should know far better than to plunge into. As father had told me, on good or ill times, “Your decisions are what make you who you are.” The question what have I become? What is happening to me and my family? I have never worried myself over my parents’ affairs before, yet now here I am troubled and vexed on what is transpiring. I am frightened of what is and what may come to pass. I am even more terrified by this silence between us. My mind tells me I need to relent from making these missives as it only puts you in question while my heart yearns to hear you say “everything will be fine; trust me”, as you have in the past. Forgive me if I do not continue with my regular dispatches, at least until I find out more on this matter of my parents retreat. Please remain safe and know that it pains me to not to hear from you, more than you may know. I know in my words they come across harsh yet it is the anxiety weighing heavy on me. Just know it is not out of spite but concern and selfish wants. I miss you more than you may know…



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