Republic Credits Will Do Fine...

When the Night was Thick and Starless

Letters to Home 11

We have made a quick stop off at Rodia given our rather unbridled pace we have been putting upon ourselves as of late. I was a bit taken back in the fact that Jack, Naska, and R5 decided to part ways with the ship and head out of their own. To what ends I know not, nor do I particularly care. I never could quite figure any of them out beyond the superficial; however I wish them the best of luck regardless.

Our numbers aboard have dwindled slightly, aside from the recently acquired service and pilot droid. The ship seems much quieter and more empty than usual. It is not as if we were casually meandering about carousing and carrying on; far from it. I do not know how to put the sentiments into words adequately aside from saying that I am feeling much more disconnected and isolated. I still have Deshaun, Gerb, Kas, and Zan, yet even then they are engrossed in their own affairs to pay much mind as things have quickly become standard.

I am left to my own diversions though they are usually far from leisurely. I have been quite busy keeping my associates mended, treated, and healthy. Though aside from my assigned duty and responsibilities, there is little else I have readily available in pleasantries. I have been compelled to take the initiative and actively seek out new ways to occupy my time.

I noted how I was become more familiar with the ship’s systems and our procured pilot droid R2-NX01, whom has been dubbed “Nix” for short, has actually become my de-facto tutor to all things aeronautical as well as astro-nautical. The little pilot droid is surprisingly a decent instructor. It is not as flat or static as those tutorial droid all loathed in school with their preprogrammed “words of encouragement” protocols. It is surprising how simple and straightforward the little droid comes across when explaining and setting up scenarios. I admit I had to plug him into the translation screen to interpret his binary, but oddly enough I am beginning to comprehend.

Deshaun has been pushing to find out more about the possibility of family members still alive and apparently there is a lead. According to Deshaun, he has a sister still alive. I loathe thinking on what type of persona she is compared to Deshauns’ rather brazen and lecherous ways. In any event, we are making our way to her last known location which is Questal.

I cannot say I have ever heard of this place. Amongst us gathered few we knew even less. It is one part terrestrial for homesteader and the rest retains quarrying and extraction of its most precious and valuable reserve, Ardanium. I was familiar with Ardanium as one of the key elements in removing flesh oriented, bacterial diseases and the like. Zan knew it to be used to line the inner portions of fuel tanks on capital ships. This material is apparently grows stronger in the presence of radiation. It is rather fascinating, scientifically speaking, though I am no geologist.

That aside, we are on our way to Questal to find a lost loved one. Well, I say that rather reserved as this sibling is not quite lost, yet there is lack of validity. Deshaun continuously goes on about his concern that the Empire will strong arm, blackmail, or influence him by means of his family to fund their plots yet at the same time he operates so brashly. We shall see how this plays out.



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